Brownfield Action

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Selected Hofstra University Students and Alumni commentaries on the Brownfield Action Simulation. 
Student Feedback
  • “I thought it was very interesting to be able to apply some of the things we learned about in class and get the chance to complete a mock ESA.”

Reference Materials

These are basic reference information about the suite of geological and ground water hydrology testing tools in the Brownfield Action simulation. 

A multiple-choice quiz follows each section. In order to be certified to use a testing tool in Brownfield Action, students must score a 100% on the corresponding quiz.

Students can download all the files from this page. As for the answers to the quizzes, these can be accessed by the instructor in the Teachers & Users / Documents section, which is only available to Registered Users.


Beyond the classroom

Use of BFA outside classrooms.


High school

Text for BFA use in high school classrooms.


Higher Education

Text for BFA in college classrooms.


Instructor Workshops

BA Seminar - May 17-18, 2013 

This year's seminar will focus on finalizing the joint article for the Science Education and Civic Engagement Journal, uploading and sharing curriculum in the restricted area of this website, discussing online remote education using BA, and brainstorming funding opportunities.  


Teaching and Learning

Brownfield Action was designed to expose students to the problem solving skills needed by environmental scientists in diagnosing sources of groundwater contamination. It was designed to be used with an accompanying sequence of lessons that work synergistically to maximize the educational value and impact of the experience students have while working within the simulated environment. 


Pedagogical Approach  

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