Brownfield Action

Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

Reference Materials

These are basic reference information about the suite of geological and ground water hydrology testing tools in the Brownfield Action simulation. 

A multiple-choice quiz follows each section. In order to be certified to use a testing tool in Brownfield Action, students must score a 100% on the corresponding quiz.

Students can download all the files from this page. As for the answers to the quizzes, these can be accessed by the instructor in the Teachers & Users / Documents section, which is only available to Registered Users.


Topical Surveying

Info - TopographicalSurveying.pdf 

Quiz - TopoSurveyQuiz.pdf


Ground Penetrating Radar

Info - GroundPenetratingRadar.pdf 

Quiz - GPRQuiz.pdf


Magnetometry/Metal Detection

Info - Magnetometry.pdf 

Quiz - MMDQuiz.pdf


Seismic Reflection/Refraction

Info - SeismicReflectionRefraction.pdf 

Quiz - SRRQuiz.pdf



Info - Excavation.pdf 

Quiz - ExcavationQuiz.pdf


Soil Gas

Info - SoilsGas.pdf 

Quiz - SoilGasQuiz.pdf


Direct Push and Drilling

Info - DirectPushDrilling.pdf

Quiz - DP_DrillingQuiz.pdf